Best Watches under $1000 - Reviews

Knowing value of time

TIME IS MONEY! Every good business person is aware of this fact! Wise consumers leave nothing to chance to find and acquire the best watch that money can buy. The good news is: the best watches are under $1,000.00! If you agree with not leaving your next watch purchase to a ‘whim’ or ‘follow the crowd’ mindset; then you will also agree that the type of watch you choose needs to be one that solves your specific needs. A good mens watch for under $1000 should have function, accuracy, AND style that fits who you are!

You certainly do not want the reputation that was that of the white rabbit in the Alice In Wonderland children’s classic who sang “I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!”

Time to take time into your own hands and show yourself to be an informed consumer and connoisseur of the finest in distinctive and cost-efficient time-pieces. With that understanding in mind, I present this article to help you clarify what it is you are looking for in a watch. All the mens watches shown here are awesome, of course, but keep a level head and your objectives clear and don’t get carried off by the ‘pretty face’ of the watch.

Bulova 97B139


Bulova 97B139

The quartz movement will make for smooth and accurate time-keeping for years to come. The chronograph feature will measure seconds and the tachymeter with this watch can help you determine rate of speed in hours. That is; if you push the stopwatch at a certain point when in a vehicle and push it again after a certain point; you can determine the rate of speed per hour you are traveling. The Bulova Quartz Gold Watch is the perfect watch to give to honor those who can go the distance to achieve stated goals. The price is most reasonable for priceless moments in time and is a great gift to give or to give to yourself to remind yourself of the golden time and wisdom shared and you now return. continue

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Brand Bulova Citizen Frederique Constant Hamilton Invicta Oris Raymond Weil Tag Heuer
Model Year                
Band Color                
Band length                
Band Material                
Band width                
Bezel function                
Bezel material                
Case diameter                
Case material                
Case Thickness                
Dial color                
Dial window material                
Display Type                
Special features                
Water resistant depth                
25% OffCitizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk
Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk
A very impressive watch for men with a similar model for today’s female professionals. It comes with a 48 mm titanium case with mineral dial crystal. A mineral dial crystal is composed of several elements that are heat treated creating an unusual hardness to help resist scratches. Not as expensive as the durable sapphire crystal but with consideration of the unique feature of being exact with Atomic clocks; this would make for a good purchase to anyone who wants ‘to the minute’ accuracy in meeting others. A great watch for those who mean what they say and say what they mean: "I’ll see you ‘in a minute.’" Check price
70% OffFrederique Constant Run About
Frederique Constant Run About
Someone who works hard and is meticulous in getting to the finer details that speak comfort & luxury enjoyed; reflected by the luminous hands and two sub-dials one which has a chronograph mechanism (stop watch) measuring in seconds. There’s also a magnified date window at 3 o’clock, the croco-textured blue leather band with white stitch details, and a buckle closure to ensure the band can be adjusted. Someone who likes shine understands the gleam of the sun, and so will love the sapphire crystal anti-reflective large round dial face with easy to read numbers for the hours / minutes along with the seconds also enumerated around the dial, rather than just tic marks. All this AND Swiss engineered automatic movement, will speak for the friendly business professional that you are. Check price
36% OffHamilton Khaki X Chronograph
Hamilton Khaki X Chronograph
The black color of the face of the watch makes this a good watch for the office worker; someone who knows work should also morph over to fun. I see the owner of this watch not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to get the job done. I can see the calf-skin band working well with work boots or business loafer. It is a versatile type of watch for a multi-tasker who works hard and plays hard. Someone who likes to jump right in to the water, without worry, as this watch is water resistant to 330 feet. An all-around down-to-earth reliable watch for an all-around go-getter multi-task type of person. Check price
85% OffInvicta S1 Rally Two-Tone Watch
Invicta S1 Rally Two-Tone Watch
This is the watch that says ‘leader.’ Definitely in the ‘executive’ class of watches with the gold and white hands outlined in bold red and a silver dial and three sub-dials giving seconds, day and date. The case is 18k gold ion-plated stainless steel with buckle closure. There’s also a tachymeter for measuring rate of speed; and truthfully, with that bold red stripe on the black polyurethane strap, this definitely gives the look of love of being on the fast-track to success! The Invicta brand is engraved on the side of the case for added elegance and the polyurethane two-tone strap is firm yet flexible which is what every business executive understands brought him to his successful achievements. The Invicta S1 Rally Two-Tone Watch is a definite winner! Check price
44% OffOris Men's Divers Automatic
Oris Men's Divers Automatic
The orange-white markings for the hours make good contrast against the blue face of the dial. This watch, water-resistant up to a depth of 990 feet of water for up to two hours, is perfect for those with curious nature who like to see what is happening below the surface. Scuba-Diving no problem with the Oris Diver’s Watch. Another 'cool' feature is the unidirectional bezel. The diver watch bezel allows for indicating the elapsed time or remaining time. The unidirectional bezel ensures even if you rotate the bezel accidentally, it can only increase the apparent elapsed time. This is a “fail safe” feature for a diver. Time to take the plunge and try it! Check price
75% OffRaymond Weil Maestro
Raymond Weil Maestro
When you wear this watch to any type of social affair or business function; expect some awwww’s and ahhh’s from your acquaintances and friends. If you should share what price you paid, expect disbelief. With this watch you are going to get that respect that you worked many years for as you sacrificed your own time and put in those extra hours at the office desk keeping nose to the grindstone. This watch says it all as to the standard of quality you expect for yourself and from others! This would make a very good second watch to the Frederique Constant Run About watch. Easy to read analog display on the distinctive textured dial. This says ‘business’ ‘professional’ without doubt. Check price
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Stainless Steel
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Stainless Steel
The crystal on the dial is a synthetic sapphire in contrast to the authentic sapphire crystal dial in the Frederick Constant time-piece. As in the Frederique Constant watch, the seconds are enumerated but the similarities to the Frederick Constant watch ends there. It is not a chronograph watch; instead it has a more practical feature for the busy business executive of an alarm on one of the two sub-dials of the watch face. The checker-board linked bracelet makes this a durable watch and the fold-over clasp makes for taking the watch on and off very easy. Check price
Meeting expectations
Your watch selection should be one that distinguishes you as that hard-working professional that understands value. You have the right to expect a first-class watch to be under $1,000.00 while simultaneously showing that ‘distinct’ is not a budget-buster!

The leading watch brands for under $1000

On this site we put together the leading brands that fit in the best watch under $1,000.00 category. They are:

  • Frederick Constant
  • TAG Heuer Formula I
  • Hamilton
  • Bulova
  • Citizen
  • Oris
  • Invicta
  • Raymond Weil

Each type of watch has unique functions and material that distinguishes itself to those shopping for the top automatic watch in the under $1,000 category.

A closer look

The FREDERIQUE CONSTANT RUN-ABOUT watch for men is a chronograph watch. The chronograph watch has a stop-watch function. It has a 42 mm round stainless steel case shape and an anti-reflective sapphire dial window with a blue croco embossed leather band with white contrast stitching.

TAG HEUER FORMULA I watch has a synthetic sapphire crystal dial window with 41 mm stainless steel case and black face dial with luminous hands along with two sub-dials and a checkerboard case back. There is an alarm function and Swiss quartz movement and stainless steel linked bracelet band with fold-over clasp.

The HAMILTON KHAKI X Chronograph watch comes with calfskin band with contrast stitching and buckle closure. The main black dial comes with three sub-dials and day and date window at nine on dial face.

The BULOVA ANALOG DISPLAY QUARTZ GOLD WATCH provides the user with case diameter of 47.5 mm and silver dial with gold-tone hands and gold linked bracelet band.

The CITIZEN ECHO-DRIVE SKYHAWK A-T aviator-inspired watch design has a 48 mm titanium case with mineral dial window. Titanium band and a fold-over clasp with hidden double push-button closure. Four sub-dials on the black and orange accented dial face that includes a perpetual calendar and a 99-minute count-down timer.

The ORIS DIVER’S WATCH as the name implies, can be used for scuba-diving enthusiasts. With this watch, and of course proper scuba breathing apparatus, you can scuba dive to a depth of 990 feet for two hours at a time. It sports Swiss automatic movement and sapphire crystal on a blue face dial.

INVICTA S1 RALLY WATCH has flame fusion crystal on a 49 mm 18K gold ion-plated stainless steel case; and black and red polyurethane strap.

Finally, we have the RAYMOND WEIL MAESTRO rose gold-tone chronograph watch with a leather croco-grain finished strap and gold buckle closure with an anti-reflective sapphire dial window on a 41.5 mm stainless steel case. Swiss automatic movement.

Comparison and Decision Data

So, I have given you the brand names of the best watch brands under $1,000 and zoomed the sites in close to have a quick look at each of the eight individual watches that might be best for your need of the best men’s watches under $1.000. Now, it is up to you to make a decision.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you. Let’s do an at a glance look at key features of these eight watch brands that matter, in terms of accuracy, to help you with the decision making process. Which are the best automatic watches under $1,000, and which are the top automatic watches under $1,000. Best watches are those that are best for you while the top watches are the watches with the most sought over features for your enjoyment and pleasure.

There are three different watch movements:

  • Swiss
  • Quartz
  • Automatic
A quartz watch is the most reliable and accurate, especially for everyday use. The hands move smoothly as opposed to mechanical watches that have a ticking sound to it. Quartz watches also require lower maintenance and require a battery for its movement.

High-end precision engineered automatic watches began with the Swiss but the Japanese are catching up to automatic watch technology. Automatic watches do not need a battery but instead operate by the use of a wind-up mechanism of mechanical engineering, to make the rotor pivot back and forth at high speed. If winding isn’t the source of the rotor power, sometimes the kinetic energy of your wrist sets the rotor in motion. An automatic watch is an investment in luxury that the quartz battery powered watch cannot give.

The chronograph function feature of watches is an extra feature and it does have impact to the overall workings inside the watch movement. If you need to measure time in seconds, (how fast your secretary gets the morning coffee to your desk for example, or to time how fast your dog fetches the morning newspaper) it would be best to buy a quartz watch with the chronograph function as pre-quartz watches that were chronograph tended to have this chronograph feature interfere with the main time-keeping function.

Similarities of the brands

Should you decide luxury is important, you would want a Swiss or Japanese engineered automatic watch. These name brands are the Frederique Constant, Hamilton Khaki, Oris Divers Watch and Raymond Weil Maestro.

All the watches shown are water resistant though not all to same degree. The least water resistant is Frederique Constant, Bulova, and Raymond Weil, the most water resistant in depth is TAG Huerer. Oris Divers watch follows TAG Huerer in water resistant depth, and Invicta, Hamilton, Citizen fall in the middle. Frederique Constant, Hamilton Khaki X, Raymond Weil are Chronograph function watches and Bulova and Invicta are quartz movement watches. All watches will give reliable time.

Purchasing Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb for purchasing a watch: it should fit your life. There is little chance you need a stop-watch function to measure how fast your secretary gets your morning coffee but such could come in handy if coaching your son’s little league team.


Let’s wax nostalgic for a moment. Remember when you got your very first watch? It was an acknowledgment given in recognition of your emerging status of independent adult. No longer a child needing to be told when to do something, a watch was a sign of respect given, that you could now keep track of your own time schedules.

The gift of a watch to yourself, spouse, or children goes beyond being just a fine piece of jewelry. There is the ticks of the heart that run in sync to the tick of the watch that you wear proudly each day that’s an important element to how you value the best watches under $1000. The price tag is only one element to consider in selecting a watch for yourself or for your loved one. You have to feel good about wearing it. “Which watch works” – let that be your mantra said when deciding what to buy.