The Beauty of Tissot Watches. Top Affordable Tissot Watches Reviewed.

What makes the Tissot Watch the best and what does it mean to most people to be able to buy a top watch like Tissot? This Tissot watches review article will answer these and other questions you might have about the brand of Tissot watches.

Overview: The Tissot watches reputation is that of a reasonably priced watch of high quality. Born in one of the birthplaces of Swiss watch making, Tissot watches meet all the standards of Swiss watch making despite being extremely competitive in pricing. Most watch buyers are very surprised to get the quality of the Tissot for a price of a much lesser made watch.

In 1983 Tissot became a part of the largest and most prestigious watch maker, Swatch. Most buyers are surprised to hear where Tissot watches are made. Le Locle, Switzerland is still the site for the design and manufacture of these high quality watches.

Heritage Visodate Stainless Steel


Heritage Visodate Stainless Steel

The Tissot men’s Heritage Visodate stainless steel automatic watch is such a classic design that you will be comfortable wearing it anywhere. With its simple but elegant white dial in a sharp stainless steel case, it will turn heads in a business meeting or shopping mall.

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What You Get When You Buy a Tissot watch

Are Tissot watches really that good? We have already noted the watches’ roots in the old country of Switzerland. Tissot watches benefit greatly from the commitment to precision and quality found in Swiss watchmakers. Whether you are looking for watches for men or are interested in women’s’ watches reviews, this is the place to learn all you need to know about Tissot watches.

Why Tissot?

There are many high quality precision watches on the market today. Many of these are on the high end of the price list as well. Why choose Tissot watch quality over brands like Seiko, Movado, Oris, Citizen, Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex and Suunto? Of course it depends on your needs and the style or look that you like. It also depends on your budget, but Tissot gives you style, look and functionality for a fraction of the price of some other high end watches like Rolex and Citizen.

The Tissot watch is of the highest quality in workmanship with an amazing cost for the value you receive. The mechanical or automatic line of Tissot watches with ETA movements have features usually only found in much more expensive watches. Tissot has a time tested Swiss watch making heritage to stand on and a wide variety of products ranging from the classic pocket watch to the classy sports watch.

Just a few examples of how some others see the Tissot in relation to some of the other higher quality Watches. Let’s start at the top with just one Rolex.

Tissot Seven Seas vs Rolex Submarinar - Most reviewers see these watches as pretty equal except for the price. Obviously the Rolex is more expensive, but it is telling that the Tissot Seven Seas stands toe to toe with it.

Tissot vs Movado – most reviewers would not take the Movado over the Tissot seeing the Movado as a lesser product in both quality and cost.

Tissot vs The Tag Heuer on the other hand has a rich legacy much like the Tissot. It is the leader in the automotive field but it is just so so in other areas where the Tissot shines such as precision mechanics. The Tissot watches reputation is also strong in the automotive world.

Tissot vs Seiko is a brand that attempts to compete at all levels and falls short on the less expensive models where the bang for the buck is with Tissot.

This is just a sample of how the Tissot watch quality stands up to the competition.

The Different Tissot Collections and Price Ranges

There are many different watches within the Tissot watch collections. In this section we will look at an overview of these collections, the price ranges and the type of watches within each one. There are over 30 collections and while we cannot cover them all here, we will give you good sample of many of these.

Quickster Collection

This collection has 33 watches ranging in size from $350 to $525 for both women and men. Some of the features of the collection include stainless steel casings with either leather or steel bands. The Crystal is either 11 Sapphire or 22 scratch resistant synthetic. The movement is either Quartz or EOL Quartz. The Quickster Collection is water resistant with a chronograph date and Arabic and index numerals.

Ch Des Tourelles Collecction

This collection has 28 of the best Tissot watches. There are great looking watches for both men and women with stainless steel bands, six different colors decorated with diamonds. The watch case is stainless steel or stainless PVD while the jewels include scratch resistant sapphire; and scratch resistant sapphire with an anti-reflective coating. In this collection the band comes in leather and stainless steel.

You can choose between automatic or manual movement and Roman or Arabic numerals. The Ch Des Tourelles Collection is water resistant and also shows the date, a COSC Certified Chronometer and Chronograph. This is a large and varied collection as you can tell by the prices ranging from $795 up to $2200.

The Touch Collection

In this collection you will find 43 watches with the finest Tissot watches reputation. This collection has a price range that spans from $575 to $1450. This is a very varied collection with many different models and attributes. This is the ultimate sports watch. It will measure laps, times and record all performances in a logbook. All functions are accessed by a simple touch of the screen. The strap comes in 8 different colors and 5 different materials. Some of the features of these watches include alarms, air pressure, altimeter, compass, chronograph, and logbook.

The Sea Star Collection

This collection has only 7 watches but the Tissot watch quality and innovation are surely on display here. These are the underwater diver watches that combine good looks, Swiss timing and underwater performance. "All models in the family have their own helium valve, which allows to automatically depressurize the watch."

This collection ranges in price from $695 - $1450 and are made of stainless steel with scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal. With automatic and quartz movement, the blue or black face and black or stainless ban, this underwater timepiece is as classy as it is accurate.

Tissot V8 Collection

Are you a driver and really into automobiles? If you are then this little five watch collection is for you. The chronographs are bold and confident among the watch face grid. Inspired by dashboard components and together with the tachymeter bezel, they give the watch face that unmistakable auto look. Just like the wearer these watches are ready to go with price tags from $375 to $495.

Tradition Collection

There are 40 watches in the tradition collection, where prices range from $350 to $595. As its name implies this collection is about tradition but in a modern and cutting edge way. The style and the technology are todays and tomorrow’s while there remains within the design a touch of desire for vintage, classical details. You can choose from a cornucopia of traditional modern designs with stainless steel casings and with seven different straps. The watches come in 7 different face colors along with the date, weekday, and chronograph.

Luxury Collection

Here is the Luxury Collection we have been waiting for. These are the watches that are comparable if not better than other so called luxury watches. The price range for these timeless time pieces starts at $ 499.00 and runs up to $ 8250.00. This is the epitome of fine Swiss watch making. With this collection Tissot combines science with design; precision with good looks and functionality with great looks. The Powermatic 80 movement has 80 hours of power reserve. The casing comes in 18Kgold, aluminum, titanium, brass and stainless steel. This collection includes the famous Tissot pocket watches.


It is our hope that this Tissot review will help to make the job of selecting your next watch just a little easier. Whether you are spending $300 or $3000, Tissot is your best choice. WithTissot you get “a quality Swiss timepiece without breaking the bank”. The mission of the Tissot Company is to “make excellence accessible” and they have certainly succeeded.

Using innovative ideas and high tech materials, Tissot provides a quality of watch and workmanship expected in the most expensive of Swiss watches. The trick for Tissot is they manage to do this and still be reasonably priced.