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With a history that dates back to the 1800s, Stuhrling shows commitment and pride in producing quality watches for the discerning gentleman and lady. Many fans of these watches consider their timepieces to be more a work of art than simply something that tells the time. It is no wonder the different collection and models are well respected and sought after, which is something not every manufacturer can say.

The Best Watches Use the Best Materials

To be a top manufacturer of watches a company has to use high quality materials. If they use cheap metals and plastics consumers will quickly notice because their watch will not be durable and will not stand up to the rigors of everyday activities.

When Stuhrling crafts a timepiece, they use premium materials and components like stainless steel, genuine leather and custom-made silicone. When you pick up one of their limited edition or premiere watches, you will find exotic materials like ceramic, crocodile straps and Swiss-made movement pieces.

The glass of the timepieces is also made from high-grade materials, such as sapphire crystals, and is then plated with very pure yellow or rose gold. Every model is also polished and beveled to perfection with some models even getting a satin-brush finish.

353A.33152 Automatic


353A.33152 Automatic

This watch is impressive because of its look, performance and features. The skeleton dial looks awesome with the way it shows the inner workings of the watch. The stainless steel dial, black leather strap, and blue time arrows come together in a way that just looks great.... continue

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Case diameter                
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Water resistant depth                

Stuhrling Watch Brand - How it All Started

The founder of Stuhrling was enamored with watches from a young age. He began to collect them and quickly evolved his passion into a thriving company. By sticking to quality and avoiding celebrity and athlete endorsements, which drive up prices, he was able to build Stuhrling into a company that builds luxury watches for the working class.

Are Stuhrling watches good?

Another practice that sets Stuhrling apart from other brands is their design and production process. Each and every model is designed from scratch. You will not find mass production of one model based on a simple change to a different one. Instead, every new watch goes from a designer’s mind, to paper, to rendering and finally becomes reality.

Stuhrling does not solely focus on any one aspect, either. They are keenly aware that consumers want more than just a watch that looks good. Customers want quality and performance as well. While designers and builders are continually looking for innovative designs and materials, they never lose sight of what is most important – a watch that is considered the total package; style, quality and performance.

Once it comes time to take an artist’s or designer’s vision and make it reality, Stuhrling uses computer-controlled processes to build a prototype. Using computers to control early manufacturing ensures prototypes are built to precise measurements and standards.

When it comes time for production, each piece is crafted in technologically-advanced clean rooms, ensuring no foreign or obstructive materials like dust or dirt find their way into one of the pieces. Each timepiece then undergoes a rigorous review before going into production, where they are tested again to ensure each piece meets the company’s high expectations for quality and performance. To give an idea of just how laborious and detail-oriented the process is, at least 6 months go into each and every model before they are given the Stuhrling stamp of approval.

Built to Last

Because of their commitment to quality and durability, these watches are built to last for years and years. The accuracy and attention to detail are intended to provide customers with high quality products that meet strict quality assurance standards. As a result, it is not uncommon for one of the timepieces to last several years, even under harsh conditions.

It’s all in the Details

In case it isn’t obvious yet, a hallmark of Stuhrling timepieces is exceptional attentional to detail. One look and you can tell each piece is the by-product of years of research and craftsmanship. Each component and material perfectly complements each other, resulting in an elegant watch that is sure to look great on your wrist.

The commitment to detail and quality is so great, in fact, that the excitement will begin the moment you receive your new timepiece. This is because each piece is individually packaged in what is called “the prelude”, which is a beautiful package that takes anticipation to all new levels the moment you pick it up.

What’s Under the Hood?

Similar to the engine under the hood of a sports car, a skeleton watch gives a visual indication of the inner workings of the piece. With this type of watch, the movement of different pieces becomes part of the artistic expression and impressive design of the timepiece. Each time you glance at your watch, you will see all the intricate details, parts and pieces that make it unique and an expression of your style.

Watch Movement is the Central Organ

Another excellent analogy for Stuhrling watches is comparing the movement to the organs of a human body, particularly the heart. The “heart beat” of a watch is provided by this movement. In a good Stuhrling watch, this heart beat comes from a precisely balanced spring that moves thousands of times an hour. This spring then provides the power required for watch movement and it is what enables the watch to continue telling precise time.

Each of the springs, and the other hundreds of tiny pieces, are meticulously engineered and manufactured to precise standards. The precision and quality standards produce a timepiece capable of providing reliable service for years and years.

Watches Need Care and Attention

Like any other device or accessory, a good Stuhrling watch requires some care and attention. Thankfully, nothing major is required and everything is very simple. Some care principles are common sense, such as taking care not to drop your watch. Some items may not be so widely known though, such as keeping your timepiece away from strong magnets. This is to ensure none of the precisely engineered pieces become unbalanced, which could cause problems with how the watch functions. If you remember all the care and engineering that goes into your timepiece, you will appreciate and understand the need to take care of it. This will go a long way to making sure you watch lasts a lifetime.

Stuhrling Unprecedented Value

Because of all the engineering, precision and quality that goes into each and every timepiece, its value is something that is consistent for the life of the watch. With all the tiny parts and pieces that move in perfect harmony and unison, it is easy to see why these watches are coveted and sought after. Plus, their intricate designs and look add to the value, making them well worth the affordable cost as well as an expression of your style.

Stuhrling Collections

To ensure there is a style and watch that is appealing and affordable to everyone, Stuhrling has several different collections to choose from. Each collection has its own history, design and style. The hardest part for you will probably be trying to narrow down your choice to a certain collection and then picking the watch that matches your taste and style.

Stuhrling Aquadiver Review

As its name suggests, the Aquadiver collection is made to embody the water and the people that are drawn to exploring it. These watches are very visually appealing but are also very functional. The rotating bezel is designed specifically for diving, as it allows you to accurately measure how long you were under water. Timepieces from the Aquadiver collection will allow you to explore the depths of the seas with confidence and assurance, while also looking stylish and professional while you are out of the water.

Stuhrling Aviator Review

If you are a pilot or just have a love and appreciation for flight, a watch from the Aviator collection is just what you are looking for. Each timepiece from this collection has a unique, prism-framed noon indicator and elaborate number display. The look and style is something all aviation aficionados will like and appreciate. These timepieces are reliable, resilient and precise – all of which are required by aviators. Put a timepiece from the Aviator collection on your wrist and you can expect to catch the eye, and respect, of other aviation lovers.

Stuhrling Legacy Review

For an example of precision and style, look no further than the Legacy collection. These timepieces feature skeletonized dials that allow you to see the hundreds of pieces in each watch and how they move in harmony and balance. The movement can only be described as graceful and impressive. With a watch from this collection, you demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the pride and quality that goes into every Stuhrling watch.

Stuhrling Monaco

Racing is the inspiration for the Monaco collection. With a sporty finish and, detailed tachymeter and chronograph display, a watch from the Monaco collection shows you are someone that is drawn to the precision and competition of sports. These timepieces are also stylish and affordable, and come in a variety of different colors and styles.

Stuhrling Prestige

A watch from the Prestige collection represents the pinnacle of Stuhrling engineering, design and quality. Each of these timepieces exude luxury and, as the name suggest, prestige. They are Swiss made and assembled with the finest instruments with a focus on precision, performance and style. A timepiece from this collection is what is worn to the most lavish and coveted events and gatherings. With one of these on your wrist, you will be the talk, and envy, of everyone around you.

Stuhrling Quality, Precision and Performance

Stuhrling has developed a reputation for their watches, and deservedly so. Each of their timepieces is made to be impressive looking without sacrificing performance. By focusing on producing watches for everyone, they are able to keep each timepiece from being out of reach of anyone. With such a wide range of styles and looks to choose from, there is sure to be a Stuhrling timepiece that perfectly complements your style and look.