Best Quartz Watches for Men

Tick Tock, Tick Tock . . . the seconds tick on and every second counts! When we look back on life, the time seemed to fly by. In specific moments the tick of the watch seems to magnify in intensity until . . . the phone rings; indicating that a loved one is safely home after a long trip, an employer-to-be calls with the
yes; we would like you to start on. . .”, as a school child the clock ticks seem to take forever on the last day before summer recess.

Quartz movement

The function differences of quartz vs manual mechanical vs (Swiss or Japanese) automatic watches are as varied as the 86,400 seconds that make up a 24-hour day. The biggest difference in the quartz vs mechanical watch is the movement of the second hand.

In the quartz watches the second hand moves once per second and gives that tick-tick appearance, while the mechanical (with manual or automatic movement) engineered watch has the second hand seemingly sweep the seconds away in one smooth motion.

While all types of quartz watches (battery powered, kinetic or solar powered) do ‘tick’, how audible the ticking sound differs from mechanical watches? Quartz watches will usually run quieter than the mechanical watches with manual or automatic movement. Manual watches must be wound every day, automatic movement watches can usually run for a little over a week, and battery quartz watches are good for at least a year of precision accuracy.

Bulova Precisionist


Bulova Precisionist

Bulova watches are known for quality time keeping and the Bulova Precisionist is my recommendation for a sporty casual type of watch. It offers so much to the user and for a price under $500.00. The band is an unusual black stainless steel which gives it great durability and the case is a thick 18 mm. The dial crystal is mineral; not as hard a surface as the sapphire crystal but tough enough to not scratch easily. For this price; you also get those features that are sought after in higher cost watches, a tachymeter for measuring speed, chronograph stop-watch feature and date of month feature. continue

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Brand Bulova Gevril Invicta Luminox Tag Heuer Tissot Versace Victorinox
Model Year                
Band Color                
Band length                
Band Material                
Band width                
Bezel function                
Bezel material                
Case diameter                
Case material                
Case Thickness                
Dial color                
Dial window material                
Display Type                
Special features                
Water resistant depth                
60% OffGV2 by Gevril
GV2 by Gevril

As some like the diver’s style watch brand, this watch is called a DRIVER’S watch. Designed for those who love car racing as sport; the dial gives the E – F ‘fuel gauge’ design on watch face. The GV2 runs ‘full’ of impressive features, without a doubt!

There is a tachymeter to measure rate of travel speed, wide 43 mm white face dial with easy-to-read blue hour marks, a black grid textured calfskin leather band with blue stitch detail to match the blue on watch face brings ‘style’ all together! The dial window is, of course, an anti-reflective sapphire material to prevent scratches.

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67% OffInvicta 14465 Venom
Invicta 14465 Venom
It is Swiss quartz movement, which means a smooth moving second hand with many chronograph sub-dials. The calendar sub-dials with day, date, month of year seen at a glance is impressive. It is a standard band length for men with a polyurethane material for the band making it a light-weight band but a hefty watch weight overall. While the watch itself is hefty; the price for all this watch is in the under $500.00 category. Specific for divers it has a unidirectional Bezel feature to measure the amount of time that has elapsed while under the water. The crystal on the dial is a synthetic sapphire; which makes for a hard, durable, and cost efficient crystal that is scratch resistant. Check price
43% OffLuminox 1945 Atacama Quartz Watch
Luminox 1945 Atacama Quartz Watch
The case diameter is a large 45 millimeters. The case is black stainless steel for good long-lasting durability. Befitting the brand name, the face of this watch is luminous; adding to the ease of reading the time. The watch crystal of the dial is anti-reflective sapphire; so scratches are not a problem. It is a battery powered quartz watch; not Swiss movement quartz as were many of the other quartz watches shown here. This makes for a good watch for the business office and social and casual. Check price
Tag Heuer Quartz
Tag Heuer Quartz
Another diver’s watch in the under $1,000 category of watches. Water resistant to 984 feet and with a unidirectional Bezel to show time elapsed under water. The movement is Swiss quartz. It has a mineral dial window, not as hard as sapphire crystal but it is scratch resistant. Band color is silver and a good width at 20 millimeters with a fold over clasp. The 40 millimeter case diameter makes reading the analog display on the white dial face easier; though a darker color might have worked even better. Check price
37% OffTissot Men's Quartz Watch
Tissot Men's Quartz Watch
Sapphire is the most expensive of crystals due to the hardness of the material and least likely to get scratches. This feature makes it ideal for the high school or college students in your life who move about quickly; swinging the arms and hitting arms against desks and doorknobs. A good watch for those in office who in a day’s work may brush up against a metal file cabinet without thinking. I do not suggest washing the car with your Tissot Chrono watch as it is the least water-resistant; but that is the only bad thing I see in this handsome watch. A great watch for office and casual gatherings, for the traditional active professional. Check price
18% OffVersace V-Ray Analog Quartz Watch
Versace V-Ray Analog Quartz Watch
The watch you wear to the board meeting or stockholder meeting or that gourmet restaurant with valet parking. The watch that says professional every day, every way — from the anti-reflective sapphire dial window, stainless steel case and silver dial color. It has a luminous analog dial face. The Versace V Ray is in the watches that are over $1,000 category. While it costs to wear this; you worked hard for such a watch. It didn’t come easy and you do deserve the luxury of elegance when you give so much to others in so many other ways. The 44 millimeter round dial face makes seeing what time it is easy and the Swiss Quartz movement means precision time. Check price
53% OffVictorinox 241695 Maverick Quartz Watch
Victorinox 241695 Maverick Quartz Watch
It is Swiss quartz in movement with a 43 mm stainless steel case and three link stainless steel bracelet with fold over clasp closure and double push button safety. There are three sub-dials on the large black face of this chronograph watch with the calendar date of month. The full name of this watch is Victorinox Swiss Army. Yes, the creators of this watch shares heritage with the finely engineered Swiss Army knife. Like that of the Swiss Army knife this watch was built to last. The firm has been in business a long time because of pride of craftsmanship. The tachymeter feature on a watch priced under $50O.OO is an amazing value for those who enjoy not only traditional time-keeping but specialty function and style. A great gift for graduates who have shown ‘maverick’ independent thinking. Check price

Quality of the quartz watches

The quality of a quartz watch should not be overlooked and that’s the reason for this week’s article on what is the Best Quartz Watch for you. The benefits to owning a quartz watch, as was stated in the article on Best Watches Under $1,000, is that the quartz watches operating on battery rather than winding are lower in maintenance.

The mechanical automatic watches are considered luxury for the finely engineered mechanism of the many gears and that gear movement is so fascinating that many luxury watches give the owner the ability to peer inside the watch via a window on the flip side of the dial. For accuracy of time, however, the quartz brand watch that is battery operated would be best for casual everyday precision accuracy and these might fall into the Best Quartz Watch under $500 category while for style and formal wear the Best Quartz Watch under $1,000 would have Swiss of Japanese Automatic movement.

Leading quartz brands

No two snow flakes are the same and no two quartz watches are the same. As with everything, prices vary with the best of quartz watches.

  • Tissot Tradition
  • Invicta
  • Victorinox
  • Versace
  • Luminox
  • Bulova-Precisionist
  • TAG Heuer WAY
  • GV2 – Gevril

Expectations of quartz watches under $1000

Quartz watches under $1,000.00; for this price you should get a watch that is very accurate. Reliability a must! You should expect luxury automatic Swiss movement engineering. Tradition with special style features as you get up to; but still under $1,000.00! Chronograph sub-dials, a crystal dial that is hard and thus resistant to scratches.

You should expect this type of watch to be water-resistant. Stainless steel silver case around dial and stainless steel silver band with good closure.

Best quartz watches under $500

For a quartz watch under $500; you should expect a battery powered quartz watch which does give precision accuracy. You can expect a textured leather band or stainless steel but not always silver stainless steel case and band.

The dial window may be acrylic rather than sapphire crystal or mineral dial material which is scratch resistant and such quartz watches under $500.00 is most likely the least water resistant. You can expect such quartz watches to have chronograph sub-dials.


TICK TICK TICK ... “Which watch works” remember your mantra. Mmmmm Mmmmmm Say it over and over a few times; get in a yoga position. . . or NOT! just ‘get comfortable with the understanding’ at this site we want you to feel comfortable in knowing we give you information that will help you in your choice.

A quartz watch is always a good choice for the everyday life living needs. A quartz watch takes ‘shocks’ better, it never slows and thus doesn’t lose minutes, and for that reason; is known for accuracy.

A quartz battery powered watch runs quieter than the mechanical watches. It hasn’t the luxury of finely engineered gears that bring a smoothness to the movement of the hands of the watch but if you do want automatic; quartz watches also come with such engineering. Those of you looking for a quartz brand watch, we have lined up the Best of Quartz Watches for you to see.