Best Invicta Watches. Top Affordable Invicta Watches Reviewed.

If you think about high-quality watches, one of the brands that inevitably comes to mind is Invicta – and with good reason! With a commitment to quality, performance and craftsmanship, Invicta has proven they are in a class all their own.

Invicta prides themselves on innovation, which they back up with new timepieces and new features. They trace their roots all the way to the early 1800s, so the company has a long history of quality that has developed into a respect other manufacturers can only hope to achieve.

Their watches are made all over the world and trace their beginnings to Switzerland. This is yet another reason many people believe the best watch is an Invicta watch. The Swiss are well-known for very high quality timepieces, making Invicta uniquely qualified to be labeled one of the best.

14876 Chronograph


14876 Chronograph

As soon as we picked this watch up for our review, we immediately noticed the 18k gold plating. It contrasts extremely well with the stainless steel band and dark watch face for a very sophisticated look.... continue

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Are Invicta watches good?

One way the Invicta watches’ reputation is so positive is the materials they use when they produce a watch. In fact, such high-end components and materials are normally only found in high priced watches. In this case, though, you get the same materials at a fraction of the cost.

Invicta Premium Quality - Not Just for the Rich and Famous

You don’t have to worry about shelling out a large chunk of your hard-earned money for one of their watches. You will find different collections and models available for many different price points. To be sure, there are very high-end watches available, but there are also options for everyday people that want a high quality timepiece that is also affordable.

If, however, you do want the top-of-the line and most expensive Invicta watch available, there is a model for you. Look no further than the Subaqua Noma IV 18k Gold-Plated watch. This model will cost you over $10,000! But, anyone that sees it on your wrist will know it is a premium watch and that you have a keen eye for quality.

One of the best, and certainly one of the most popular, models is the 8926 Pro Diver Collection. Unlike the watches we just mentioned, this one costs less than $100. Don’t let the price tag fool you, though. The inner workings use variations of Swiss chronograph technology or 21-jewel movements to ensure you get precise time and hand movement. It can also be used to navigate while diving at depths up to 300 meters. With so many features and a great price tag, it is no wonder this is one of the top selling Invicta watches of all time.

Never Resting on Their Laurels

Another way they achieve such incredible watch quality is they are never satisfied with the status quo. They are continually pushing boundaries and looking for new and exciting ways to provide exceptional timepieces to consumers. With over 30 collections to choose from, there is sure to be something that is exactly what you are looking for in a watch. So answering on the questions "Are Invicta watches good enough?", we can say - yes, Invicta makes good and quality watches.

Invicta vs Other Watch Brands - Comparison

Of course, there are plenty of watch manufacturers and models to choose from. Invicta is just one of many, but they stand out for many reasons.

First and foremost, all watches are based on proven Swiss timepiece craftsmanship and manufacturing. Some brands may claim to be Swiss, but Invicta can trace their company back to Switzerland and some of the first timepieces ever made.

The commitment to using only premium materials and components is also a unique trait. Sure, other companies will use some high-quality materials. But, you will also find cheap metal and plastic components. After reading just a few Invicta watch reviews you will quickly notice that you won’t find either of those with Invicta!

Lastly, the sheer number of watches, collections and different price options is very unique to Invicta. No matter what your budget, there is a timepiece that will fit into it. Plus, even the lower priced watches are made with the same premium materials and crafted with the same precision and pride as the highest priced models.

Invicta Collections

With dozens of collections to choose from, there are models, styles, sizes and colors to match anyone and everyone. The hardest part might just be trying to narrow down the choices to get to the perfect watch. To give an idea of the incredibly assortment and variety, here are some of the collections and models you can choose from.

Invicta Aviator Review

The Aviator collection is well known and quite popular because of its visual appeal and many features. There are plenty of options in the collection all by itself, from colors, sizes and more.

Because it was built with aviation in mind, different features include a tachymeter, compass and chronograph sub-dials. The layout and appearance of the dials and features is nothing short of awesome. Each model from the Aviator collection exudes quality, precision and craftsmanship.

Many of the Aviator pieces are also water resistant, so they are made to work in any environment, from the office, to the air and under the water!

Invicta DNA

If you are looking for performance along with unique and distinct style, consider the DNA collection. These watches feature the same precision and craftsmanship as other models along with a flare and style that is unique and impressive.

As with other timepieces, the DNA models feature Swiss quartz movement to ensure precise time keeping. Other components include mineral crystals, stainless steel and high-quality silicone. Many are also water resistant, although these models are not designed for diving. They are more than suitable for snorkeling, swimming or soaking in a hot tub, though!

The look and style is what sets the DNA collection apart from other collections as well as from other manufacturers. With contrasting displays, such as gunmetal grey dial with grey and red hands and red hour markers, the watches in the DNA line look incredibly impressive.

For quality, affordability and style, it is hard to beat the DNA collection.

Invicta Speedway Review

The Speedway collection is designed to fulfill a man’s need for speed! The models from this collection will complement any attire, from business wear to casual. No matter what you are doing, whether participating in your favorite sport or relaxing after a long day at work, a model from the Speedway collection is a great addition to your wardrobe.

This collection includes Swiss chronograph movement for accurate time keepings and is also water resistant up to 200 meters.

The hands are made with Tritnite luminous material, so even in the dark you will be able to tell the time. The collection also includes textured dials and a choice of many different colors.

Another great feature of the Speedway collection are the three chronograph sub-dials. With these sub-dials you can measure time in intervals of 1/60 of a second using start, stop and reset functions. It is no wonder this collection is referred to as Speedway with the ability to measure time so accurately.

Reserve Review

The models from the Reserve line are designed for people with exquisite taste that will not settle for anything less than the best.

All of the models in the Reserve collection are a limited quantity. This means owning one puts you in a very small class of people that have at least one thing in common – a desire for the best timepieces available.

The Reserve watches are also exclusively hand-made, which is clearly evident when you see the details and craftsmanship that results in one of these watches.

Although these models are water resistant, they are not made to be taken very deep. After all, they are made for luxury and quality, not for navigating deep waters. But, they will function just fine in shallow water for swimming, snorkeling or showering.


This collection is just what you would expect from the name. Designed for the depths of the ocean and other waterways, it combines performance with elegance.

As a result of expert engineering, this timepiece is ready to face the demands of even the deepest ocean dives. With water resistance up to 500 meters and integrated shock resistance, there are not many environments a Subaqau won’t excel.

Adding to the already impressive array of features, a Subaqua also includes a unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous Tritnite that allow you to see the face even in the darkest depths and a wide range of color options with ionic plating.

Combine all this with a date display, polished stainless steel, tachymeter and chronograph functions and you get an impressive watch that delivers function and style in a single timepiece.

Invicta for Women

Although a large portion of the customer base is men, Invicta also offers several timepieces that appeal to women.

The ladies line of watches include the same level of performance, craftsmanship and quality. They include Swiss movement, premium metals and materials and a wide range of designs and colors.

Some models include stainless steel, silver and even a rose-tone. These are very attractive watches that pack the same performance and precision as men’s watches into a smaller timepiece designed specifically for women.

So, how good are Invicta watches?

As you can no doubt tell by this point, any Invicta watch review should focus on the quality, performance and visual appeal of the timepiece.

With years of experience and success behind them, every timepiece produced is a masterpiece. From casual watches perfect for everyday wear to exclusive collections produced in limited quantities, there is a timepiece for everyone, even the most discerning buyer will find one they like.

Thanks to their dedication to quality craftsmanship, as evidenced by their hand-crafted timepieces, Invicta separates themselves from other watch builders and brands. Very few, if any, can match their level of quality and performance.

Perhaps most appealing to many consumers, not all timepieces from Invicta come with a hefty price tag. Yes, there are models and designs that cost in the hundreds, and at times thousands, of dollars. However, they are also many other models available for under $100. Best of all, even the least expensive Invicta timepiece comes with the same Swiss-based movements and premium materials as the most expensive model.