Best Citizen Watches - reviews and comparison

Today I would like to delve into the specific watch brand known as Citizen. The Citizen name is well recognized by consumers of fine watches, dating back to the firm’s inception in 1930. As the name indicates; it is a watch brand that gives attention to the specific needs of people, and with that, brought the firm a large and loyal population of happy, content citizens – who claim the brand sovereign to their time needs.

There are Signature, Eco-Drive, and Drive Collections; which I will elaborate on. Eco Drive collections are Citizen’s own technological achievement of harnessing the power of light to power the inner cell of the quartz battery inside watch so that one never needs to replace a battery again. It is the best idea in going ‘green’ and saving the earth from millions of batteries and the chemicals within them being tossed into landfills and our precious earth.

The Signature Collection watches from Citizen spare nothing in detail of design style and a host of specialty features, in the Drive collection consumers will find distinctive watches with select features that keep the price of the watch modest. No matter what your choice, ACCURACY in Citizen engineered watch is assured.

AT8020-54L Blue Angels


AT8020-54L Blue Angels

The brushed stainless steel link bracelet and two-tone yellow and dark blue color scheme is indicative of those masters of aeronautical expertise - The Blue Angels. Precision accuracy was the call to fame of the Blue Angels flight team and such is what this watch is all about with the radio controlled automatic timekeeping in sync to atomic clocks to provide the time of day in twenty-six world time zones along with finely engineered Japanese quartz movement. This synchronization with atomic clocks means that as you travel the globe you have the guarantee of this Citizen watch showing the time where you are in the present moment. Water resistant to 660 feet along with a perpetual date calendar at the 3:00 hour. continue

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Brand Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen Citizen
Model Year                
Band Color                
Band length                
Band Material                
Band width                
Bezel function                
Bezel material                
Case diameter                
Case material                
Case Thickness                
Dial color                
Dial window material                
Display Type                
Special features                
Water resistant depth                
42% OffWorld Time A-T Eco-Drive Watch
World Time A-T Eco-Drive Watch
That’s what you will make when you wear this Citizen brand watch with handsome brushed and polished stainless steel linked bracelet and combination of hour markers and numbers in a two-tone black and orange face dial with white luminous hour, minute and orange tone second hand; if that isn’t enough to make a strong impression, there is also an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window that makes scratches rare if not impossible! Water resistant to 660 feet; so don’t worry if you use it for fishing, swimming, surfing. No scuba diving; but then, you will be doing nothing but keeping your head above water; with this purchase price from Citizen watchmakers! They do know how to give their customers their monies worth! Check price
25% OffCitizen Nighthawk Eco Drive
Citizen Nighthawk Eco Drive
Another HIGH FLYER in the Citizen brand watches designed with the pilot in mind. The price is less than the Blue Angels Dress Watch but only because it is not the chronograph style as is the Blue Angels dress watch. There’s not as many features of the Blue Angel’s dress watch but still an exquisite time piece for anyone wanting a distinctive watch! Check price
41% OffCitizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch
What else can be said of this Citizen watch in the Drive Collection? I love the 37.2 mm case diameter and black face color with luminous hour, minute and red second hand with the mineral crystal dial, which is, of course, scratch resistant. With a watch like this; I can see it used when bathing the dog, mowing the lawn, AND wearing it to the office; because with the black color face; it does look business - like comfortable. The green canvas band with green stitching is neutral enough to go with grey or black or blue suit. Check price
27% OffCC3000-89L Satellite Wave Japanese Quartz Watch
CC3000-89L Satellite Wave Japanese Quartz Watch
The design of the wide 43.5 mm case diameter makes for this watch to dynamically stand out on your wrist. The silver band is quite thin; at 12.7 mm. So light you might think you lost it, but not to worry, it would be rare if this slipped off with the fold-over clasp with hidden double push button closure. Citizen watches leave nothing to chance in making a watch that works for your everyday needs. The price of this watch is significantly more than other watches of the Citizen brand but far less for the technology that is found within this beauty that you’d find in watches by other manufacturers. Check price
30% OffPromaster Diver Diving Watch
Promaster Diver Diving Watch
In addition to that very special feature, this watch has an impressive 43 mm stainless steel case with black dial face and a hard mineral crystal dial. Take note of the seconds are numbered in large numbers around the face every 10 seconds. Water resistant to 660 feet. This is a diver’s watch – so; at these prices why not take the plunge? With the stylish case design and polyurethane band this is a definitely for sport rather than formal business guy, but no reason you couldn’t wear it to your office cubicle and turn a few heads. Let the Promaster Diver watch light up your life with style and accuracy. Check price
42% OffTitanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band
Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band
This watch says CLASSIC in all respects! Not quite as elegant as the Eco Drive AT 4010-50 E; but none the less stylish and a good every day type of watch for those looking for simple classic features such as strong and soft leather (pig skin leather) brown band with white stitching and a buckle closure. The band has a croco-embossed textured design. It has a tachymeter in the inner circle for measuring the time it took to go from point A to B and as well as chronograph stop watch feature. Japanese quartz movement assures an accurate timepiece. The dial window might not be sapphire crystal but it is a strong mineral crystal which does resist minor scratches that come in the everyday wearing. Check price
34% OffTitanium Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch
Titanium Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch
In addition the link bracelet is made of a durable silver titanium; making it resistant to corrosion when in seawater or chlorinated water. Titanium is a strong metal and yet light so it won’t feel too heavy on the wrist. It is water-resistant to 660 feet; so don’t worry when on any fishing exhibition or having fun in surface water sports such as swimming or surfing or rafting, or just wearing it while washing the car on the weekend, or ‘sweating out’ a major business deal! There are 3 chronograph sub-dials which include a perpetual calendar with days of the week as well as a tachymeter for measuring time traveled between two points. A chronograph stop watch will provide ability to gauge length of time elapsed for tasks to be done. Feel doubly secure with double push button clasp. An amazing watch with amazing price! Check price

Citizen vs other brands

“Which watch works” for YOU? THAT is the rule of thumb to go by when comparing one brand and its features against the other brand. Within this review site of best men’s watches we have shown the higher end watch manufacturers, Baum And Mercier, Frederique Constant and Seiko. The Baum Mercier watch is great when in top executive status; with features such as a guilloche dial ornamentation as you will find with the Citizen Eco Drive 401-50E. The Frederique Constant World Timer has an outer dial listing the major cities around the globe; a great watch for those who travel and similar to the Citizen AT 9010-50E World Time A-T Eco Drive watch. Compare the Seiko Blue Dial Chronograph watch with GPS satellite timekeeping to the Citizen Satellitewave watch. Simply put: “which watch works” best for the your lifestyle? All watches shown for review are quality men’s watches and our objective is to “show so you know” the right watch for you.

Overview Of Citizen Watch Collections

Now that we compared Citizen watches to other comparable brand name men’s watches; let me highlight what special attributes makes up the best Citizen watches we selected for you to view today to further allow you to hone in on Citizen watch quality that speaks YOU!

Citizen Nighthawk

When reviewing the Nighthawk watch take note of the details that would cost much more, when on a Swiss automatic watch.

Dual time display on the black faced dial, water-resistant to 660 feet, luminous hands and second hand, calendar date, the link bracelet has fold over push button clasp with safety, it has a strong stainless steel case and link bracelet but the most amazing specialty feature for the price of this watch is pilot’s bezel slide rule that calculates navigational, directional, and mathematical calculations to determine when you will arrive at a certain destination, or calculate percentages, or fuel consumption.

A very big technical feature normally on watches costing so much more.

Citizen Eco Drive

The Citizen Eco Drive 401-50E is a beautifully designed watch with three chronograph sub-dials, titanium link bracelet with foldover clasp for added secure fit, tachometer around guilloche dial with atomic timekeeping in five time zones. It is water resistant to 660 feet and so suitable for surface water sports like surfing or swimming; but not scuba diving.

The AT 9010-52E World Time A-T Eco-Drive Watch is another watch with the precision of atomic clocks showing time in five time zones. There is also an alarm feature, water resistant to 660 feet, Japanese quartz movement, a perpetual calendar and luminous second hand. This is stainless steel rather than titanium.

Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster The big feature in the Promaster Dive watch is that of the light powered technology that brought Citizen watchmakers their reputation for innovative technology. Precision accuracy by reason of light power along with Japanese quartz movement makes this Diver’s watch a winner. The luminous hour markers and hands on the 43mm black face dial make viewing time so easy. The polyurethane band is easy to keep clean.

Citizen Satellite Wave

Citizen CC3000-89L Satellite Wave - this watch is the wave of the future with light power to keep the battery running forever along with Satellite GPS timekeeping for worldwide reception and world time in 27 cities and 40 time zones. Also included in this amazing quartz watch: daylight saving time indicator, power reserve and light level power indicators. This is a watch you want to examine closely!

Citizen Quartz Watches

The Citizen quartz watches you see here today have advantages and disadvantages to ownership. Low maintenance and quiet running is the chief reasons folks enjoy a quartz watch. With the quartz watches by Citizen powered by light source; the cost of replacing batteries also goes down.

Naturally; in low light situations your watch could slow a bit. Compare the Tissot Tradition Men’s Chrono Quartz watch, with that of a comparable Citizen ‘traditional’ quartz watch such as BL5250 – O2L Titanium Eco Drive watch. The Tissot is elegant with genuine leather cowhide while the Citizen BL5250-O2L band is a pigskin leather. Cow or calfskin usually has more flexibility and softness.

The major difference, however, is in the case material; titanium for the Citizen watch and stainless steel for the Tissot. Titanium makes the Citizen watch more water resistant than the Tissot; since titanium does not corrode in sea salt or chlorinated water. Stainless steel cases resist scratches more than the Titanium case. The main ‘pro’ for a Citizen quartz is in the materials used.

A Citizen quartz watch will give you more ‘bang’ for the buck in terms of function and style. A Citizen quartz watch is good for those who wear their watch every day.


Well, I think we covered all you need to consider when deciding to buy a Citizen brand watch. Keep in mind what special features you would like to have in a watch along with what is necessity for you. Will this watch be worn every day or only on formal occasions?

Don’t let price influence the decision of what makes for the best men’s watch. If you have questions on any model drop me a line on the contact form on this site. Thank you for bookmarking this site and telling your friends, family, and neighbors about our site.