Best Bulova Watches - reviews and comparison

Bulova watches have a long and prestigious history stretching back more than 140 years. The Bulova brand is known for innovation, quality and style throughout the world. The company was founded by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova in 1875, originally as the J. Bulova Company, later reincorporated as The Bulova Watch Company in 1923. The company was founded in New York City and began its operations in Woodside and Flushing. The company headquarters remains today in the world famous Empire State Building in New York. Bulova is now owned by the Citizen Watch Company, to whom it was sold in 2007.

The company has made a few recent changes to the names of some of its design and manufacturing lines. In 2013, the "Caravelle by Bulova" line was renamed Caravelle New York to try to reflect the higher emphasis on style and New York design. In 2014, the classic "Accutron" line was changed to Bulova AccuSwiss, accenting the Swiss made qualities of the line. Not completely closing the door on the name that brought the company its fame and reputation, a new line of watches, labeled “Bulova Accutron II”, was released. This new line uses modified movements similar to the Precisionist collection and features vintage designs from the original Accutron watches.

64C104 Gemini Analog


64C104 Gemini Analog

With its black textured dial and rose-red toned gold hands and markings, this timepiece is a thing of beauty to behold. You get amazingly accurate 25 jewels Swiss made movement, to ensure the accuracy that has made Bulova a world famous watchmaker.... continue

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Bulova Quality: Are Bulova watches good?

The quality of Bulova watches is undisputed. They have a solid reputation for accuracy, style and durability. Bulova watch reviews are consistently positive, both from professional evaluations and from consumers and watch enthusiasts. Bulova has set the standard that many other watchmakers strive to keep up with, and they’ve done it more than once in their rich history. They are considered among the finest watches in the world, yet available to the general public at very affordable prices.

Bulova Accutron Review

Perhaps the best known of the numerous watch models produced by Bulova is the Accutron. Bulova watches’ stellar reputation comes, for the most part, from the development of this line of watches. The first Accutron watch was sold in October of 1960. Instead of a balance wheel, which was normal for mechanical watches, it used a small 360 hertz tuning fork as its timekeeping element. The watches actually made a barely audible high pitched hum as a result. Because the tuning fork was powered by an electronic oscillator circuit, the Accutron became the very first electronic watch in history. It was guaranteed accurate to within 2 seconds per day, or about 1 minute per month. This was markedly better than any other watch available at the time. Bulova’s quality and accuracy has been one of their main selling points ever since.

Accutron time keeping devices were also used by NASA for many space missions because of their unsurpassed accuracy. They were an integral part of the US space program from the launch of the Vanguard I in 1958 to the first moonwalk in 1969. Their time keeping movements have been used in many satellites as well.

In 1977 Bulova’s electronic watches began being manufactured with a quartz movement instead of the tuning fork design, but they were still sold under the Accutron label. The original Accutrons with the tuning fork movement have become quite valuable and sought after collector’s items.

Bulova Precisionist Review

As the name suggests, the Bulova Precisionist collection of watches are known for their extreme precision. This technical masterpiece is accurate to 1/1000 of a second within a 12 hour time period and will keep accurate time down to plus or minus 10 seconds per year. Precisionist watches have an especially high frequency quartz regulator which allows for a smooth sweeping second hand, rather than the usual second by second jump that you will see on other watches.

The Precisionist collection makes use of a unique three prong quartz crystal, giving it a vibration frequency of 262.144 kHz per second. This allows the watch’s second hand to run at 16 beats per second, double that of other quartz regulated watches. Other quartz watches make use of a two prong crystal and run at either 8 or 10 beats per second. This is what gives the precisionist watches their unbeatable accuracy, as well as the beautiful and unusual smooth movement on the second hand.

The Precisionist line is available in many different styles. From stainless steel chronographs, water resistant to 300 meters, to elegantly styled timepieces that will complement the finest wardrobe, every man is sure to find a model that will suit both his needs and his taste. While all Precisionist watches carry the same accuracy and basic internal function, the main differences in the style of different models come in the form face shapes, colors and materials used to create the watches. You’ll find a Precisionist with a slim stainless steel case and leather strap, or maybe you’d prefer something with a mother-of-pearl inlay and some diamond accents on the bezel. You can even get one with a husky case made of titanium with carbon fiber inlays and topped off with ballistic fabric straps.

The Bulova Marine Star Collection

Bulova’s Marine Star collection is designed to give the user a combination of great style, superb accuracy, and of course, water resistance. The main attraction to this collection is their ability to be used in water and wet environments. There are many different models, styles and colors to choose from within the line, but all of them share some basic characteristics that are seen throughout the entire collection.

First and foremost, the Marine Star watches are water resistant and made to withstand some abuse. All models have a standard Japanese quartz movement, known for accuracy. They all have high quality faces, clear and easy to read, protected by mineral crystal that will allow you to see clearly, while it is highly resistant to bumps and anything that might scratch it. The case itself is high quality stainless steel. The hands on these watches are luminous, and the markings and/or numbers on the face are very clearly defined, so you’ll have no trouble reading it in any environment, be it a brightly lit office or murky waters 100 feet deep.

So Which Bulova Watch Is The Best?

It’s extremely difficult to say what might be the best Bulova watch. Opinions and tastes vary from person to person. Some want style that won’t look out of place with a business suit. Others want something that won’t break down if they work or play a bit too hard. Still others are not as concerned with looks as much as they are with absolute accuracy. Bulova has all of these bases covered. While it might not be easy to point to one particular model and say, “This one is the best.”, there is no doubt that with a little bit of research you will be able to find a Bulova watch that is the best for you.