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Hi guys! Today’s blog is for you who deny your own needs for the sake of others; be it your family, spouse, or the boss who you work for in a 9 to 5 job (or more) at a desk in a cubicle. Sometimes, I’m sure your mind goes back to your carefree ‘guy’ days of camping in the open wilderness, swimming, rafting, or surfing at the beach, or a casual fun weekend of golfing, tennis, bowling, football and baseball sport games, or maybe fishing, hiking, or biking.

It’s all ‘GUY’ stuff – A natural bent to show strength, be it physically or emotionally. Showing the strength of endurance through activity. The strength and character that makes you a good provider to loved one’s by way of daily disciplined activities of going to the office each day, mowing the lawn, washing the car, painting, repairing things around the house, building a doll house, walking the dog. ‘GUY’ endurance and strength (of character) deserves recognition and why we are presenting this next article to tell of the best men’s watches for your needs.

What to look for?

With all the stuff you are involved with, all the connections to people who need you; it surely makes sense that a quality mens watch matters.

There are so many men’s watch brands in today’s market; I’m sure you’re head is spinning as to which watch works best! (say that fast) If you want a watch easy to handle; you can’t go wrong with a quartz watch, it will run a whole year or more on battery, and is low-maintenance; which means one less thing to have to be concerned with. The Swiss automatic watches are most quiet with a sweeping second hand compared to the manual wind watches where the second hand moves once per second. Swiss Automatic watches comes with chronograph ‘stop watch’ functions which rely on finely engineered gears. Manual watches require daily winding and there is a noticeable ‘classic’ ticking of the second hand.

Citizen Blue Angels


Citizen Blue Angels

There is no need for batteries and there is a power reserve indicator. It is a radio controlled, chronograph watch with distinctive atomic timekeeping in five time zones, and automatic time in 26 world cities. Great for business or personal use with a patterned blue leather on front of band and yellow color on flip side of the band. The blue and yellow style of the band fits the style of the blue and yellow watch face which has three sub-dials that measures speed in stop-watch fashion to 1/2O of a second up to 60 minutes, 12/24 hour time, and perpetual calendar showing date. The dial window is non-reflective sapphire crystal. It is fitting that this solar powered atomic time piece sports the name of the Navy’s Blue Angel’s aviation squadron, known for their precision formation in the air. it is the most accurate of watches in the world. The Blue Angels insignia on the flip side of the dial is with the permission, but not endorsement of the U.S. Navy. continue

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Brand Citizen Hamilton Hamilton Huawei Invicta Raymond Weil Seiko Tag Heuer
Model Year                
Band Color                
Band length                
Band Material                
Band width                
Bezel function                
Bezel material                
Case diameter                
Case material                
Case Thickness                
Dial color                
Dial window material                
Display Type                
Special features                
Water resistant depth                
34% OffHamilton Men's HML-H69419363
Hamilton Men's HML-H69419363
It is the classic men’s watch. The brand itself, Hamilton, is an American classic that dates back to 1892; Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are the watch-maker of ‘firsts’ – the first to create accurate pocket watches for the railroad community; when accidents were all too common because various railroads worked with 50 different ‘times.’ They were The official supplier of watches to the armed forces in 1917 and in 1942 They shut down the production of watches for consumers during World War II to produce one million watches for the US Armed Forces personnel. The watch might be khaki green; but this watchmaker is definitely not ‘green’ when it comes to knowing how to make accurate and quality watches. More ‘cool’ features of this watch: the numbers under the hours; 24 under the 12, 13 under the one. Timekeeping, military style: 2400 hours, 1300 hours, etc. The canvas band and simplicity of design makes for comfortable fit on the wrist and the rugged and lasting durability that any man can identify with. Check price
30% OffHamilton Khaki X-Wind
Hamilton Khaki X-Wind
There is a calendar giving day AND date at 9:00 position. No need to worry if you leave your watch on to go for a dip, it is water resistant to 330 feet; and suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not scuba diving. Also suitable for putting the hands into the dish water or washing the car; those daily or weekly must do activities. The Swiss automatic movement provides you the comforting assurance that no matter what you have to do, you will never be late in doing it. This watch has so many features that raises the eyebrows of your mentors and peers and maintains the value that you paid for it. There is a tachymeter that measures rate of speed, a rotating bezel slide rule that allows the wearer of this watch to perform directional, navigational, or mathematical calculations, there are three sub-dials on this chronograph watch that shows 60 seconds, 30 minute and 12 hours. The synthetic sapphire dial keeps the cost down amidst the many wanted features of the popular Hamilton brand men’s watch. Check price
31% OffHuawei Rose Gold Watches
Huawei Rose Gold Watches
The amazing feature of this watch is the ability it has to be compatible with IOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 operating system. This is a Smart Watch! You can get notifications for calls, texts, and apps with over 4,000 Android wear Apps to choose from. There is also a variety of pre-installed watch faces and easily swappable bands to create your own style. Track your fitness with this watch with its heart rate monitor, and sensors to track running, walking, and more. Oh, YES... it also gives you the time; and with elegant Roman numeral design. The band is leather and stainless steel and with the interchangeable faces this is a watch of luxury that can be worn for any occasion. An amazing watch with an amazing price. There is even Iphone capability. There is a limited technical warranty that comes with the watch and customers can request a manufacturer’s warranty as well. So techies, this isn’t the watch of your father or grandfather, this is a watch belonging to you, who are tech sophisticated. Check price
85% OffInvicta Pro Diver Collection with Chronograph
Invicta Pro Diver Collection with Chronograph
The Invicta Pro Diver chronograph watch is one that any sports active man will love; at a price that won’t crush the monthly budget. Can you believe you get Swiss quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal dial window along with chronograph watch functions and a unidirectional bezel dial that will measure the elapsed time spent in snorkeling or swimming along with luminous hour hands, second hand and ‘dot’ hour markers? This might be a called a Pro-Diver watch, but with this watch, you can have your water activity to a depth of 330 feet AND still keep your head above water for the other needs of the family. While it is more in the sport watch category, the classic black face of the watch along with the duel gold tone and black polyurethane band with impressive gold tone buckle closure, wide dial face and date calendar makes this watch doubly cost effective as it can be for the casual or office environments. The Swiss quartz movement provides time keeping accuracy that will keep any busy man ‘on schedule.’ Check price
Raymond Weil Maestro Men Watches
Raymond Weil Maestro Men Watches
The Roman numeral display adds a touch of class to the silver dial color and the dial window is the usual durable sapphire crystal; so no worries should plague your mind with regards scratching your watch, nor will the crystal break if you should hit it against something hard. This watch means BUSINESS... and works well for formal business attire with the black calfskin band. There’s a 38-hour power reserve feature, so don’t worry about running late for appointments, this watch will keep accurate time for you. It is ok for swimming or wearing in the shower as it is water resistant only to 165 feet but I would not suggest snorkeling, scuba diving or any diving with this watch. The blue hour, minute and second hands stand out well on the silver face dial and there is a calendar date highlighted at 6:00 position for business professionals who are always writing the date on sales orders or contracts. Check price
55% OffSeiko Men's Prospex Solar Watch
Seiko Men's Prospex Solar Watch
There is also a unidirectional bezel dial that measures the elapsed time under the water. It is water resistant to 660 feet; but still meant for only serious surface water sports; not scuba diving or diving in general. Swimming would be fine with this watch. Watch movement is Japanese quartz battery with the battery capable of being re-charged with any strong light source through the solar power feature. Your watch will be a long – lasting purchase; unless you live where the night sky stays half the year. (just kidding) The brushed stainless steel silver case is a good 43 mm thickness with hardlex dial window. Hardlex is a Seiko proprietary mineral crystal that they use on some of their dive watches to keep down the costs for the consumer. While Hardlex scratches easier, it will resist impact better and not crack. The fold-over clasp with double push button ensures a level of security that it will stay firmly on the wrist. Check price
36% OffTAG Heuer Men's Titanium Automatic Watch
TAG Heuer Men's Titanium Automatic Watch
TAG Heuer is a great brand of watch and you have seen this brand in other styles in prior blogs' Watches Under $1,000 for men and Watches Under $2,000.00. This watch style falls in the sporty category for TAG Heuer, where the under $2,000 watch style was more business professional and office environment, and the TAG Heuer Men’s Way watch with stainless steel linked bracelet also had a look that could be worn in office. This TAG Heuer style with the perforated black rubber strap, unidirectional bezel, and date window on wide 41 mm black dial face with black titanium case and synthetic sapphire dial window works best when in the sport casual attire. No scuba diving! It is self-winding Swiss automatic movement. The titanium case material and 12 mm case thickness with the rubber band material make this very light to wear. That’s a good feature when out on the boat reeling in the ‘big one.’ Check price
Strike up the "Band"

There’s all types of bands to watches, silver, gold stainless steel or gold tone or croc leather or calf-skin or polyurethane. Bands can be interchangeable. The band holds the all important dial window which should be a hard scratch proof sapphire crystal or synthetic sapphire but simple acrylic can work; based on how much you will be wearing your watch. (acrylic is the least scratch resistant) There’s sport watches and formal watches. OK OK . . . you get the idea, LOTS OF DETAILS to consider. Past blogs have been about watches just under $500.00, under $1,000.00, or under $2,000.00. Today; we will compare those watch brands for men with more budget-friendly, yet just as special watches, because of being a man’s watch brand with all the same ‘cool’ features men love!

Mens watch brands - 'brand' awareness

When looking for a quality men’s watch, whatever the price range you deem best for your budget, you should be becoming aware that ‘the brand name’ in the best men’s watches are always a familiar name:

  • and one new brand name I will add to today’s blog: HUAWEI

These are good watch brands for men as they have the classic features that guys love in a watch; simplicity, style, and unique functions; though the degree of style and function may differ with the price.

For example:

The Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro-Diver Collection watch shown here is functional for swimming and snorkeling but not diving and the case is gold-tone stainless steel as compared to the Invicta S1 Rally two-tone watch 18k gold ion-plated stainless steel with a band of two tone bold red and black that is of the SI Rally watch.

The Raymond Weil Maestro Rose Gold Tone watch in the under $1,000 category has gold buckle closure and croc-grain leather strap as compared to the Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro silver dial watch with black calf-skin band. The watch face is smaller at 39 mm, but it does have the classic anti-reflective sapphire dial window so scratches are very unlikely.

The TAG Heuer brand watch we showcase today is a very cool watch with sturdy stainless steel buckle closure on a band material made of rubber, while the Tag Heuer Formula I watch under $1,000 has a linked bracelet and clasp closure that fits more formal wear, with added ‘executive style’ feature of an alsrm setting and two sub-dials on the face of the watch. Compare the features of today’s Seiko Men’s SSCO17 Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch, priced at a budget-friendly $189.00 with the Oris Men’s Stainless Steel Diver’s Watch.

The Oris Diver’s watch is suitable for scuba diving while the Seiko Dive watch is for surface water sports and marine activity but not actual scuba diving. As you peruse the selections today, keep in mind that today’s selections and prices may not give you ALL the unique details and special features as was shown in the under $1,000 or under $2,000 category of the top watches for men but the men’s watch brands you see are still distinctive watches that will bring others to look and take notice of your character attributes of: work hard, play hard, and want to always look your best.


Tatch brands for men take into consideration the activities of men. You want a watch that shows your ruggedness even amidst a domestic everyday mature living. Men’s watch brands have watch faces with easy read hour markers, chronograph functionality, with sub-dials which give day and date calendar, measurement of travel speed, a bezel outer dial that measures time elapsed, usually in a diver’s watch. The name brand of the watch matters in men’s watch brands since a brand that has been around a long time speaks for that strength and endurance that you as a man value. The aim of this blog is to help you in finding the watch that defines who you are and puts you head and shoulders with your competition!